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Transformational Juice and Tonic Fasting Retreat with Mason Taylor

  • Byron Bay Australia (map)
Deeply Cleanse and Nourish Your Body Mind and Spirit

Join Mason on an eight-day transformational juice fast that will evolve your health and vitality to a level that you never knew possible. We will provide an environment where you can relax and awaken the healing forces of your body in a setting that will offer you a deep connection with nature and the Earth, nourishing your cells and your soul.  

Why fast? 

In this crazy word that we live in, it is very easy for us to accumulate toxins, trapped emotions, parasites and stress within our body resulting in an overall lack of energy, illness, lack of motivation and degeneration. In order to experience the greatest health possible we must commit to giving our body the opportunity to release these negative forces that stop us from experiencing the best health ever. This is exactly what this transformational fast is designed to deliver to you. 

Fasting is an ancient healing and cleansing practice that is unmatched in its capacity to support your body in reaching its greatest absolute potential for health and abundance. Utilising the most potent ancient wisdom combined with modern healing insights and technology, this fasting retreat will be like nothing you have ever experienced. 

What results can I expect?

Over the eight days you may experience the following transformations in body, mind and spirit:

  • Removal of fungus, parasites, viruses and pathogens that hide deep within your tissue
  • Detoxification of heavy metals, radiation and other insidious toxins
  • Deep detoxification of the vital organs, including your skin
  • Rebuilding your immune system to its superhuman capacity
  • Restoring your energy and vitality
  • Reset your body and awaken your food and health instincts

What's included?

  • All juices, herbal tonics and meals prepared by Concious Chef Simon Favorito. All ingredients sources from local organic, biodynamic and seasonal farms.
  • Abdominal Chi Massage session to move stuck toxins and emotions from your organs as they detoxify
  • Daily movement practices and Yin Yoga classes
  • Shamanic release work
  • Niacin flushing (deep cellular cleansing) 
  • Daily saunas
  • Daily guasha skin scrub
  • Optional enemas (recommended)
  • Daily meditations
  • Daily educational health talks with Mason
  • Fresh spring water from the source
  • Waterfall cold-water plunging
  • 24-hour emotional support and care from Mason and his team
  • Hinterland walks
  • Peaceful teepee accommodation


We will be providing a peaceful, private and contained location in the Byron Bay hinterland, deeply immersed in nature. 


Friday 13th - Sunday 22nd November 2015


Twin, luxury teepee accommodation - $2200 per person
Twin contained apartment - $2800 per person


To book your spot please email interest to

Later Event: November 26
Natural Stillness Retreat