You're here for a reason. Maybe it's because you've heard the call. Something is crying out to you, from deep inside. It's time. It's time to come alive in your body, to fully inhabit yourself. You know that true health and wellness are waiting for you. You are ready. But there is something in your way. I want to work with you to help you see what it is that is blocking you. It's OK. We all have blind spots. This is why we turn to friends, to mentors, to coaches. To help bring ourselves into a space of clarity.

There is no one path to true health and wellness. It's a road we need to forge for ourselves. But we can find people to help us on our journey, to point things out along the way, and that is why I have designed this program. To help you to get in tune with your unique body, and even more importantly, your heart. We will use the wisdom of Yoga and the wisdom of your own body to work together to discover YOUR path to health, your expression of true happiness. I am not just interested in what you're eating or how many hours a week you spend exercising or meditating (though, of course, that stuff matters).  Rather, I want to know the whole of you, and I want to help you see how you can more fully embody and express that your beautiful Self in the world. 

You might be feeling

sluggish, stuck, heavy, tired, bloated, unmotivated, worn out, stressed, tired, blocked,
out of control, confused, overwhelmed, negative, lazy, blah, icky, in a rut, ready for more, lost,
uncomfortable in your skin, disconnected, rushed, busy, ineffective, scattered...

I've been there. The only way I have found to truly uncover my health, and my Self, is to learn to listen to myself, and to work from the inside, out, rather than the outside, in. No one else knows what is best for you. But it can be hard to discern the voice of the Heart from the mind, and that's what I can help with. I will draw from my research into yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, herbalism, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to help you develop your own personal program to deliver you to the kind of health you only dreamed about.

I want TO HELP you feel

purposeful, inspired, motivated, happy, clear, positive, energetic, intuitive, healthy, light, bright, shiny, calm, mentally quiet, focussed, full of pleasure, connected, balanced, peaceful, boundless, vital, vibrant...

So, how does this work, you ask? Read on...

First, let's connect. 

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