All the Small Things

I’ve always believed that longer meditation practices were better. Put pressure on myself to sit for an hour or half an hour (sometimes twice a day), not dissimilar to how I used to approach my asana practice, honestly, believing if I didn’t do 90 mins to 2 hrs a day I wasn’t a good yogi. Sigh.

I’ve recently set myself a goal of ten minutes a day in an attempt to train myself to enter that meditative state faster, so it’s more accessible to me in my daily life. And so far, so good. Since becoming a mum and since the business (SuperFeast) really took off, I don’t have the time (unless I don’t sleep!) to practice for hours a day. So this is my compromise. Minimum daily practice set, anything else is a bonus.

I’m about 28 days into a consecutive practice (I have sat longer some days because I’ve had the time, but I do the minimum 10 minutes I’ve committed to, to flex the power of habit, then reset the timer and go as long as I feel to sit), and it’s been really powerful.

Life has been stressful lately - lots going on around me that sometimes feels overwhelming, stuff well outside my control and yet very much in my face - yet I’ve felt that meditative quality penetrating my days. And I’m surprised that sneaking away to sit has become a lot more attractive now that my sits are so short - no one notices if you’re gone for 10 mins, and even the toddler can usually find something to colour in or play with for ten uninterrupted minutes.

I advise my students to do this all the time (break their practice into tiny manageable chunks) but this is the first time I’ve taken my own advice. Ha. Always learning! 😜

Update: 40 days complete, feeling powerful and connected. I’m now aiming for a year, of consistent daily practice in short bursts. Let’s see where it takes me. (30 July 19)