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EMFs and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ever wondered what the EMFs from your phone and computer and even driving the car are doing to your hands and arms? So many people complain of wrist issues, with carpal tunnel-like symptoms. When I taught yoga it was something I saw daily, and while it's easy to assume it's purely a biomechanical issue, there are other factors at play.

It actually wasn't until I started meditating regularly (about seven years ago now) and studying Taoist practices that I realised the effect our electronic devices and cars are having on our hands (and our whole bodies!). I can feel the energy buzzing in my hands, wrists and forearms after holding my phone for a while or after a busy day on my laptop, or after a long drive, and it's something that, over time, can create issues for people if that energy is not released. This is one way movement helps us - by liberating stuck energy - but there are some other tricks I can share that are also effective.

Some of my favourite ways to rid myself of the EMF buzz in my hands and body are: 

  • touch the earth. It's not just our feet that need to be connected to the earth, it's our hands too. Digging in soil, especially gardening, is really good for us, allowing us to literally earth all that positively-charged energy. If you can't dig, sit or kneel with your palms to the earth or practice yoga poses like downward facing dog on the earth, no mat. Getting into the sand if you’re near the beach is great too - I love building sandcastles with Aiya on the weekends. The waves at the beach are great for clearing your energy too - see below.

  • tree chi. I'll write more about my own experiences with our tree friends another time, but for now, this is an excellent resource.

  • infrared saunas. I know not everyone has an infrared sauna in their home (Clearlight Saunas are the best, though, so if budget permits, get one!), but it's an awesome way to eliminate EMFs and clear your energy. Firelight also emits infrared light, as does candles, to a lesser degree. We like to burn beeswax candles at night for the health benefits.

  • salt. If you have a bathtub, a nice salty bath (magnesium and sea salt are awesome, or pink salt if you don’t mind a dirty bathtub!) and even a massage with a salt scrub and oil over your skin is an awesome way to disperse those EMFs. If you can’t have a full soak, just soak your hands and feet in salty water (add some lemon too, if you have one lying around). Super grounding and nourishing. Himalayan salt lamps can have a healing effect too. Keep one going in your office and bedroom.

  • find some moving water. A shower will do, but ideally a natural body of moving water, like a waterfall, waves, rivers etc, create a tonne of negative ions that help neutralise the positive ions.

If you read between the lines of this post, basically, the solution to getting zapped by EMFs is to get in nature as much as possible - fresh air, trees, moving water and lots of time on mama earth will help diffuse that nasty energy. Sounds simple, but it works.

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