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Yin Yoga Sequence for Detoxification and Healing

Sawatdeekha! I’m coming to you from Thailand, four days clear of a bout of terrible food poisoning. Ew. Travel is hard work sometimes. Anyway, I’ll save you the gory details and instead, share with you this Yin sequence I devised to help my body clear some of the stagnation that has accumulated over the last few days of illness and bed rest. 

My intention as I headed into this practice was to clear the lymph, activate the detoxification process via the liver/gall bladder meridian, support the kidneys after the beating they took with dehydration and to restore some chi to my poor, tired body. Some holds are quite short, as I am still pretty exhausted and trying to keep the sequence tight so I can get off to sleep.

I’ve being caring for my digestive organs with daily self massage and receiving daily chi ne tsang (blessed to be here at Tao Garden!) and eating copious amounts of garlic (reported to be more effective than some antibiotics for treating food poisoning), probiotics and fermented foods (sauerkraut, beet kvass…as I said, lucky to be here!). And consuming water, water and more water. And coconuts. 

Anyway, I'm recovering fast and hope by sharing this sequence I can help others on the healing path - this would be great for recovery from any illness! 

Yin Yoga for Detoxification and Healing

Pranayama - deep abdominal breath - with legs up the wall 10 mins
Wall baddha konasana 8
Wall dragonfly 8
Gathering the chi breathing exercise x 3 (inhale arms overhead, exhale descend the chi down the centre axis to the tan tien)
Dragonfly 5
Shoelace 5+5
Frog 5
Supported bridge (block or large book under sacrum, or even rolled up mat or blanket, legs long) 10
Twist 5+5
Savasana 10

Let me know how you go if you give this one a try! x Tahnee

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