Assisted Yin Yoga is a strongly supported and therapeutic type of yoga, delivered one-on-one with a trained Yin Yoga teacher. This type of yoga is very suitable for people with lower back problems and people suffering hip and spinal issues and limited range of motion (read: stiffness!). The receiver is permitted to fully relax and rely on the support of the therapist and gravity (like Thai massage), and through this practice we learn the art of letting go. The majority of poses focus on the lower extremities and have a deeply relaxing effect on the body and mind, and they work on a subtle level to stimulate the meridian system of the body, freeing up stuck energy and enlivening the body. Assisted Yin Yoga is especially suited to those living hectic, stressful lives. It works well in combination with Chi Ne Tsang, and is currently only offered as an adjunct to a CNT treatment. Tahnee learned Assisted Yin Yoga from Paul Grilley.