About Tahnee

My work is at the intersection of East/West. From a deep love of studying the body and its workings and the nuances of the human condition, I have discovered my passion for Yin Yoga, Chi Ne Tsang, and Taoist tonic herbs. They overlap, in that they are all influenced by Taoist principles and practices, and they share commonality in that they foster in those exposed to them a deeper sense of their own power and purpose and, with time, radiant health and wellbeing. I have also, through my own struggles maintaining health and happiness in the face of cultural and social programming, learned much about detoxification, whole foods and creating a living kitchen and home, and I hope to share this info on my blog.

Tahnee is interested in the language of the body and the exploration of its stories. She aligns with the practice of Yoga and the ancient wisdom of Taoism to help her students transcend the limitations of the mind and experience freedom by connecting to their own inner teacher. Curiosity, an open mind and a sense of adventure is what Tahnee brings to the Yoga conversation (with a slight obsession for the esoteric!).

Tahnee stumbled upon Yoga young, but the discovery of Yin Yoga in her mid 20’s changed everything for her, and she is grateful to her teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley and Tiffany Cruickshank for teaching her how to see and read the body and to Sarah Powers for forging the path into stillness.

More recently, Tahnee is enjoying delving into esoteric and Tantric practices with her teacher Paul Grilley and furthering her study of Classical Chinese Medicine by mentoring with an acupuncturist.

Tahnee studied Chi Ne Tsang and Taoism with Master Mantak Chia, East/West herbalism with Michael Tierra and Wellness Coaching with Wellness Coaching Australia to round out her Yoga training.  

Tahnee is currently the General Manager of SuperFeast, your source of the world’s finest tonic herbs. She is the co-host of the SuperFeast podcast with her fiancé, Mason Taylor.

Tahnee is offering Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings in Byron Bay, Australia, and will be offering online classes soon.