About Tahnee

I am interested in the language of the body, and the exploration of its stories.

I stumbled upon Yoga young, and for so long was obsessed with the physical side of the practice. The journey into meditation and the discovery of Yin Yoga changed everything for me, and I am grateful to my teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley and Tiffany Cruickshank for teaching me how to see and read the body and to Sarah Powers for forging the path into stillness.

I have chosen to study Chi Ne Tsang and Taoism with Master Mantak Chia, East/West herbalism with Michael Tierra and Wellness Coaching with Wellness Coaching Australia to round out my Yoga training. I hope to open up a dialogue around health through my work, with a focus on supporting and nourishing the organs via movement, diet and herbs for overall balance in the body. I hope to teach my clients to learn their own body's language, so they find a path to health that is truly theirs. I work with other experts in various fields to develop my own knowledge and to refer my students and clients.

If you want to work with me in any capacity, reach out. I'd love to meet you. I am currently based near Byron Bay, and am not teaching regular yoga classes, but still can be found teaching yoga on occasion at the studios I founded, Yoga for All or you can take a workshop or retreat with me in Australia or overseas.

I practice Chi Ne Tsang (Taoist abdominal massage) in Byron Bay.